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ZAITUN - Wooden sunglasses

€129,00 €65,00

Sherry wooden glasses by PANTAI EYEWEAR, created with Jerezano wine barrels. Pantai exclusive CrossSheets sheet construction and premium SUNSHADE lenses with 100% UVA/UVB protection

Zaitun from the beginning

The first Pantai model since our beginnings, becoming our oldest model, now it comes with a modern touch with the straight upper contour and the square box that make it the point of view for the most vintage customers, a timeless model also available with mirrored colored lenses. Made of different woods such as zebrano, sherrywood and olive among others.

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Adapted to your face

The measurements of this model are54mm lens, 20mm bridge and 142mm temple.

A medium-sized frame perfect for any face, very comfortable and compact and not excessively tall. It is designed so that it adapts well to your face without counting vertices that are pronounced a lot, in order to go unnoticed and merge with the face. In this way we achieve a single unit between frame and face.

Pantai is characterized by manufacturing its products in an artisan way, that is why certain products will not have stock, in this way we offer a unique exclusivity to our customers. Even so, you can place the order and it will take around 20 days to finish it, once these days we will make the shipment.

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