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MUPERS OLIVO - Wooden sunglasses

€139,00 €65,00

The new design of Pantai with more classic lines make it a frame for anyone who prefers wooden sunglasses with a more daring design, with a more masculine touch, without losing the opportunity to unixes.



Preserved the original design that characterizes this model, soft and semi-curved in its contour, it is still marked by the trajectory of the brand and its origins, this time worshiping the Andalusian olive groves, we rescued its wood to shape our best-selling model.

The Mupers-olivo preserves the same original measurements of this model, it is made of natural wood and has a velvet touch and a unique aroma that together with its irregular veins make it a high-level piece, worthy of including the original collection of Pantai parts.

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Adapted to your face

The measurements of this model are53mm lens, 21mm bridge and 145mm temple.

A very unisex frame, with a wide bridge and a semi-round drop, it is not a wide frame and it looks good on small faces. It is a lightweight goggle and looks good on most faces.

Pantai is characterized by manufacturing its products in an artisan way, that is why certain products will not have stock, in this way we offer a unique exclusivity to our customers. Even so, you can place the order and it will take around 20 days to finish it, once these days we will make the shipment.