Shipping policy


Pantai does not allow shipping to addresses without the postal code, without the province or contact telephone number. Customers without these conditions will be contacted by Pantai via email or their shipping address to change to an acceptable address.


The order placed will go through several processes, the first is that of"manufacturing", in this process your product will be manufactured, when it is finished it will go to"handling and finishing", this time, we will be reviewing and packaging your product. Once the product is packaged, it will go on to the"shipping"process, now it is pending that the shipping agency picks up the package, once the agency has the package in its possession to"in transit", from here the agency will be responsible for the estimated delivery time according to its conditions.


Pantai manufactures to order, that means that once the order is placed, we will begin to manufacture your product, and the order will go to the"manufacturing"status, this process takes about 20 days and you will be informed of the manufacturing status at all times.

Once the manufacturing is finished, it will go to the"handling and preparation"state, normally it takes 1 business days.

Then it will go to"Shipping"and"in transit"and these times are the responsibility of the delivery agency, normally 1 to 3 business days.

All orders placed on Fridays, weekends and holidays, the period of handling and preparation in process will begin the next business day.

Changes in the status of your order will be reflected in the customer section of our online store.

Pantai reserves the right to modify the estimated time of each process, understand that the products are made by hand one by one and these times may vary.

Shipping carriers:

Once the state of"handling and preparation"is finished, it will be sent by agency (Correos or MRW).

National orders are sent by transport agency with an additional cost.

International orders are sent by transport agency with additional cost.

Changes in the status of your order will be reflected in the customer section of our online store.