Refund policy

Only items purchased directly from our online store are eligible for returns. Proof of purchase and original packaging are required for the return. Once the documentation is received, your new change will be sent in the shortest possible time.
Modification or Exchanges:
Pantai offers 1 business day so that you can request a change of the product, with an additional cost for handling the product plus the costs incurred for shipping and collecting it. After this time you will not be able to request a change and if you want another product you will have to make a new purchase.
Modifications or adjustments, as well as repairs, are not limited in time. Any modification, adjustment or repair will have a cost for the realization plus the costs generated from shipping and collecting the product.
All costs and expenses will be paid before the product is collected at the customer's home and will be accepted in advance.
For an exchange of products, these must not have a different handling than necessary, breaks or scratches since they can create decreases in the value of the returned goods as compensation for a necessary repair or cleaning.
Returns and Refund:
Pantai does not accept any return or economic reimbursement once the purchase is made, although the item has not yet been received. Once the purchase is made, you will not be able to request a financial refund, you will only have one business day to request an exchange for another product at an additional cost.
The changes must be in brand new condition, with the original packaging and will bear a cost for the manipulation of the product that will be assumed by the customer, plus the costs generated by the shipment and the collection of this. If the product shows any modification or breakage once received at our facilities, they will be returned to the customer without making any changes and sending the same product.
Pantai is not responsible for lost or misdirected packages.
Pantai does not offer any withdrawal period for being products made by hand and on request according to Law 3/2014, of March 27 (article 103) that modifies the LOCM Art 45 the right of withdrawal and return of the consumer will not be applicable in the case of artisan products. If you bought an item conforming to this handmade or personalized specification, once manufactured, even if it has not been delivered to you, you cannot withdraw from the purchase contract.