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Oscar Wilde said that no great artist sees things as they really are; If I did, I would stop being an artist and that is precisely what happened to me in 2012, when we accidentally tried to make a dream come true as a child, the dream of dedicating ourselves professionally to what until then was a hobby, a hobby. Nobody could believe that from a stave of wine barrels we could get a high quality mount. A complicated experiment taking advantage of our environment and squeezing the juice of our city, a city rooted in flamenco, wine and art. Although today, the production process has evolved with more precise and professional machinery, achieving an impeccable final result, we continue to bet on a handmade manufacture of our products, the design is still in paper and pencil, the sanding is manual, its finishing to crankpin and the assembly of the lenses in a traditional way, as in the past.

Pampering the details


We have always bet on details and the highest quality, for a natural product faithful to its origin, enhancing its original texture and color, so that you can touch and perceive from the moment you open the product, the century-old wood reliefs. , smell the aroma of the wine impregnated in the stave, the softness of the mixture of colors that are achieved after a hundred years of cultivation, that you feel how the story adapts to your face, providing you with a warm, soft and comfortable frame, that you feel in his face"his frame"and not just any glasses, that someone made it with elegance, care and dedication, with the measurements adapted to his face, that he perceives that it was really made by hand, that his accessories such as the case or the cover are hand-sewn. This is the future of Pantai, this is his philosophy and ours, it only remains to thank him for trusting in our work and enjoying the creation of his mount.


Look at our evolution from 2012 to the present, through the media, during this time we have traveled almost all the most important national channels, demonstrating that recycling and handicrafts can become a way of life and a badge of trust .